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Hear from our team

Malama Peteru 

The business I chose to partner with through Prosperity Movement went beyond my expectations in terms of how much money can be made and the automation system being able to take a lot off my load.. Being introduced to opportunities in this way allows me to see energy input vs. earning potential to help me find the balance and if the outcome will benefit me. I have also gained a lot of value from other people in our community in terms of their perspective, drive and how they have scaled. This business is reliant on how much you can grow and elevate within your own life. You have to come first, it's very pivotal in this business and for that reason I would recommend it to others. 

Teghan Alexandra Keen

The business I chose to partner with has completely exceeded my expectations. I came into this to make more money and in the process I have completely changed my mindset and made the best connections with others. I’ve been able to leverage high-ticket commissions and automation - the combination of these two is so powerful. I’m able to now stay at home raising my two children and not worry about finances, it's a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. And we are never alone. The friendships formed and support given is magical. It has changed my life and has the same potential to change others, for the better. 

Toni K Graham

The business I have chosen to partner with in Prosperity Movement has gone above and beyond to exceed my expectations. I started due to the incredible health benefits of the products we are partnered with. The customer service has been exceptional and the representatives provide me with all of the information I need including helping me understand the patented commission structure and being able to leverage that too. It is what allows myself and so many others to build a successful online business whilst also prioritising our health. 

Dixie Cullen

The business I partnered with within Prosperity Movement has provided me with a supportive community and excellent training resources. I have found personalised coaching and mentorship to be incredibly valuable in my journey. This positive impact on my life has allowed me to be open-minded, receptive to personal growth and has facilitated significant development since I started. Working with the team has been an amazing experience. They are knowledgeable, responsive and always ready to help. I highly recommend this business to others because of the incredible opportunities it offers for personal and professional growth.