Entrepreneur Lourissa Setu reveals her past and where she is today with a six-figure business

An influencer who was the victim of bullying and was in an abusive relationship has told of her inspirational journey to become a successful entrepreneur. 
Lourissa Setu previously suffered with mental health issues and battled with her self confidence, yet later realised that she would be the only person to turn her life around. 
Now, Lourissa is an accomplished entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, social media model and influencer, working as her own boss and turning over a six-figure sum. 

The New Zealand born businesswoman battled depression as a teenager and struggled to attend school. 

Influencer Lourissa Setu, who was the victim of bullying and was in an abusive relationship, has told of her inspirational journey to become a successful entrepreneur

While already struggling with her self worth and confidence she became victim of an abusive relationship that ended with protection orders put in place for her safety.
As well as her personal hardships, Lourissa was also struggling with money after working a string of low-paid jobs, and needed financial freedom. 
After hitting 'rock bottom' with her finances, Lourissa realised that she needed to change her mindset and began her journey to pursue a new career and lifestyle. 
Despite having no luxury gadgets or the budget to fund a high-end organisation, Lourissa decided to start working as an affiliate marketer, beginning her entrepreneurial journey from her bedroom. 
Within months she was able to scale up her business and retire from her 9-5 job, reaching her first six-figure earnings after a year. 
After putting down a deposit for her first home and reinvesting in her business, Lourissa was on the rise, but she had not yet been dealt her final setback. 
She suffered heavy financial losses last year when her affiliate marketing career took a backseat and she embarked in crypto and Web3 investments. 
Lourissa, who now lives in Bali, realised at this point that she hadn't appreciated the business she'd built and vowed to focus solely on her affiliate marketing aspirations.
Having learnt from her setbacks, she has set an example for other budding entrepreneurs. 
Acknowledging that everyone will fall upon hard times in life, Lourissa is more determined than ever to continue her journey.  

She is looking to reach the next step and dreams of reaching eight figures in the coming years while also inspiring people to do the same with her journey.

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